Sunday, October 10, 2010

My perception on "Think different"

Many people think that “Think different” is just doing things differently from the rest of the people. But according to me, the concept of “Think different” is a not merely thinking different from the rest of the people. It’s lot more than that. First of all you need to think different in order to have a better understanding on the concept of “Think different”. According to me, it is a way of living our life; it is a way of decision making, it is a way of improving self-confidence and lot more.
            In most of the situations we won’t think. We just follow what others do. It is because of three reasons. First of all, we are too lazy to analyze a situation ourselves and don’t want to strain our brain. Secondly, we lack self-confidence. We believe more in others than ourselves. We need to understand that in many situations, decisions taken by millions of people may even go wrong but our decision may be right. Finally, we don't want to take a risk. We just go with the majority regardless of whether it is right or wrong.
            So what actually think different means? According to me thinking different is just using our common sense. It involves completely analyzing all the possible solutions, analyzing the impact of each and every solution and choosing the best out of it. The decision should not be made based on the majority. Rather the decision should be made based on our analysis.
            Now here arises the question. Why we need to think different? I remember the poem “The Road Not Taken” I read in 12th standard written by Robert Frost which starts with “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood”. Just assume similarly we have two roads in our path and we have to start our journey in one of them. Remember there is no coming back once we start our journey in a particular path. So what people usually do in such a situation? They will just wait and see in which path people are going and start their journey in that path. They don’t even ask them why they are going in that path. As I explained earlier, it’s because they are too lazy to ask what’s wrong with the other path. They may have known that there is nothing wrong with the alternate path but they lack self confidence. And finally they don’t want to take a risk.
            So here you should not misunderstand the concept of “Think different” like we need to select the alternate path just because others are going in one path. Here you need to analyze the situation. We can ask the people taken that path why they have chosen it and what’s wrong with the other path. In many cases even the people going in that path also don’t know why they have chosen that path and just wish to travel with the majority.
            In this situation since there is no adequate evidence to prove that there is something wrong with the other path, there exist a calculated risk. By choosing the usual path, you can reach the destination just like others. But if you choose the alternate path, you have a chance of reaching the destination ahead of others. I am calling this calculated risk taking as “Think different”.
            Now this journey is our life and the two paths are the critical situations we come across in our everyday life. And just as I told in the beginning “Think different” is the way of living our life. If you wish to be ahead of others in life, you need to think different.          

Think!!! Decide!!! Think Different!!!