Monday, March 18, 2013

Is this it???

Finally here I am, back with a blog post after more than a year interval. This is something which I am interrogating myself for a long time, but yet to find an answer. All through our life we are running chasing something, and at some point of time if we take a moment to stop and look back, we see that we stand where we started. Weird??? Yes it is.
      Life always seem to remain balanced. In the recent years there has been lots of technological advancement. Humans have evolved much over the years. Today there are people who live in well-furnished sky scrapers. Technology has advanced so much that today humans were able to create a living organism with synthetic DNA. But has the quality of life improved?? Are the people living today more happy than the people who lived some hundreds of years ago??  I don’t think so … We don’t get one without sacrificing another and you believe or not, there exist a balance always, some visible but some hidden to us.
        This applies to everything and everyone and I am not an exception. My very first mobile was Nokia 1600. It’s a very popular Nokia mobile, very sturdy and handy. Today I have a LG touch screen android mobile p500. Also my pay package has been increased from my initial pay. The big question is, has my quality of life improved?? . If you take a closer look, you can see that there exists a balance in everything. Nokia 1600 has its own advantages compared to LGp500 like lesser cost, better battery life, ease of use which were the primary necessity for any mobile phone. Not to forget the 3G data usage cost incurred for using Internet, Facebook and Emails in your touchscreen mobiles.  Coming to work life, it’s not just the pay which increases, but also the responsibilities and in turn the stress which increases as you go higher.
        Another typical example is the choice of bike to purchase. Higher the cost, better is the comfort and speed. But will it give the same mileage of a low cost 100cc bike? Just because you bought a costly bike, is it going to stay with you for life long? Not to forget that everything will degrade over a period of time.
         When I was studying 9th standard, my teacher said, “Students you just have to study hard for 2 years. It was these 2 years which decides what you are going to be”. I studied well and got into first group. Again in 11th standard, the teacher said, “It’s you college which determines your job opportunities. So study hard to get into good college”. So I studied hard and got into a reputed institute. And this doesn’t end there. Again I had to study well get placed in a reputed company thinking that will be the end of all sufferings. But the fact is work life turns out to be the beginning of a new mile to run.
Even today we keep chasing for better and better. But will it end someday?? I don’t know. Why are we running?? I don’t know. There were lot more unanswered questions in my mind. All that I know was, it all depends on how one defines Happiness.  Happiness is not what you can feel or reach. It is something which you have to realize and perceive…. We just have one life to live. So when you run, just remember the “balance” and you will automatically perceive the happiness…
          Life is not a ‘race’ to complete and complete at first place. Whereas life is a ‘journey’ to be cherished and enjoyed every moment. In this journey, not everyone happens to get a ‘window’ seat. But it’s the individual’s perception that makes the journey interesting.

Life is beautiful.  Just Live it!!!  Love it!!!

Think!!! Decide!!! Think Different!!!