Saturday, March 12, 2016

Traffic Traffic Traffic

This is my second blog post on Road safety. But this time I would like to highlight the important factors that contribute to traffic in Chennai city. Traffic is one the important stress causing factor in a crowded city like Chennai. Most office goers struggle everyday because of traffic congestion. People often blame the government for the traffic congestion. We cannot deny the fact that government has a major responsibility to control the traffic. But I feel that it's also the duty of every individual and self decipline which can make our city better. Let's discuss some the traffic trouble makers in our city.

1. Government Buses
        Government buses stands first in the list of traffic congestion makers. Most of the roads in our city like Chennai have very narrow streets with no more than 2 four wheeler can go side by side. Hence its important that buses stop close to the bus Stand near the pavement. But we hardly find any buses stoping that way. Most government buses stops in the middle of the road blocking the entire traffic. Having said that, we cannot blame the buses alone. The people waiting for the buses have to stand on the bus Stand pavement leaving way for the buses to stand close to the pavement.

2. Autos
           Autos are a major nuisance to our city roads. They take unexpected uturns at unexpected time causing major road blocks. In the roads 70% blocked by buses, the autos block the remaining space leaving no way for 2 wheelers. They also slow down the entire traffic till they get a ride.

3. Individual Self
      Most traffic congestion happens because of indicipline individuals. Even one person travelling in opposite direction can can block an entire road. One day I notices that an entire road was blocked because of a cycle rickshaw travelling slow in an important main road at peak office hour. Hence individuals have to act sensibly with common sense. If vehicles occupy both sides of a 2 way road, how the vehicles from other side can travel. Most traffic happens because of selfishness of individuals.

4. Government
        Last but not least, government has a major responsibility for reducing the traffic. It's a well known fact that good roads can help to reduce traffic congestion to a great extent. Instead of giving free items to people, government should strive to make the quality of life of people better by making sure that they have good quality roads, better sanitation and underground drainage system and pure drinking water supply. Government should laydown long term plans which can drastically reduce the traffic considering the increasing population and growing infrastructure.

I would like to conclude telling that it's always the duty of each and every individual self to act sensibly and cooperate government to reduce traffic.

Think! Decide! Think Different!!!