Saturday, December 31, 2011

My android app !!!

              Well, two years back when I stepped in to the embedded development field  , "android" was relatively a new term to me. I managed to google and found the meaning of "android" to be "A robot - humanoid". At that time, only a handful of android handsets were their in the market. Some said, its a crap mobile os from google, while others said the future of mobile technology lies with android. Today I can see that android rules the mobile world. literally, I can say "We are in an android era".   Android has became a very common buzz word today in the tech world. Today many devices starting from mobile, tablets to tv and settop boxes runs android. You can also see android even in cars and in automotive machines as a HMI in the near future. I am happy being a part of this growing android community.

 Okay, I guess its enough about android and its evolution. Lets come to the topic under discussion, my android app. Even though this is not the first of my android development, this app is very special for me as it is the first app  to hit android market under my android developer account. So I thought it is worth dedicating a separate post for it in my blog. I named my application as "Student Tracker" because it helps students to track their progress. I have made it a free app since it is meant for students. I am listing some of the spotlights about my application features below.

★ Student Tracker - An advanced student timetable and grades tracking application.
+ Manage individual semester subjects.
+ Configure timetable for each semester.
+ Customize grade points based on your current institution's grading system.
+ Easy grades assignment and CGPA calculation in one touch.
+ Add exams and schedule pre-exam alerts.
+ Easy switching between different windows with pre-defined menu shortcuts.
+ Transparent and glossy home screen widget.
+ Maintain and track the grades of your friends with different profiles.
+ Simple, efficient and easy to use glossy user interface.
+ Application movable to sdcard.
★ You can download my app from android market directly to your mobile by scanning the below given qr code using some barcode scanner application (Many are available in the android market for free).  

Though this is not the only  android application which offers these functionalities, I can say that, this is the only "free" android app with these many features.  Being the developer, it is really nice to see the download count increasing. You need to be a developer to experience that feel. After all, you get nothing other than the happyness of  helping other when you publish a free app with no add revenue. If you are a android user, sorry.. android student, try this app and don't forget to leave your feedback in the market. Finally I wish to conclude saying just one line.  

"This is just the beginning ... Lots to come !!!"

Think Different !!!



  1. I dont hv an android device, else i would have downloaded ur app buddy.

    Good going.. I know from where and why you got this idea!!!

    May be will have to upgrade to android by the mid of 2013 to check out the final cgpa! ;)

    got it no?