Sunday, August 31, 2014

Idiots in the streets

Idiots are found everywhere in our day to day life. There are found at work place, hospitals, banks, government offices, railway stations, bus stands, public buildings, neighborhood, streets, etc. Not all of them affect our daily routine life. But today I am only interested in writing about particular kind of idiots whom we cannot avoid in our daily routine. Yes, they are the idiots in the streets. Let’s see them one by one.

Bungee Zombies
Bungee Zombie is a kind of Zombie in “Plants vs Zombies” game. They sneak out at unexpected times and are always a problem to the plants. Likewise these idiots always do unexpected things in the streets. They take unexpected turns and unexpected stops at unexpected time without watching the mirror like a Zombie.  At times they forgot that there vehicle got a third wheel and drives it like it were a two wheeler. Yes of course it is the Auto Rickshaw men. Gone are the Super Star’s “Batsha” movie days when auto men are considered men with social responsibilities. Today they don’t even dare to respect the rules framed by our government. In total they are simply in human, unreliable and useless even in emergency situations and are always a problem in the streets. They rank #1 in my idiots list.

Deaf Riders
These idiots are very dangerous hence we need to drive utmost careful when they are found nearby. They live in their own world unaware of the surroundings. Horn sound is something which they don’t hear. These idiots are none other than the people who use mobile phones and ear phones while driving. They think they are smart enough to drive and talk or listen to music at the same time. But instead they are not only just putting their lives at risk but also the lives of other fellow drivers in the streets.

Walker pokers
They virtually own the streets and use it as if they are inside their house. They show no respect to the vehicles travelling in the streets. Horn sound is something they don’t want to hear. Their characteristics resembles Buffalo and they are more prone in road in residential areas rather than Highways and main roads. The people who walk in the middle of the roads, Parents of kids who allows them to play in the middle of the road and those people who covers the entire road with their house construction sand in order to get them dried, all comes under this category.

Reckless rashers
They are the most dangerous of all idiots. They consider road as their playground and a place to showcase there extraordinary driving stunts. These idiots never bother about the lives of others travelling in the streets. They are the riders who does rash driving, who drives fast in the opposite direction on a one way road and those who perform stunts in a busy road.  They are the reason for most accidents in roads these days. We have no other option other than to stay away from these reckless idiots.

Disease distributors
These idiots are like a disease and needs to be culminated from our social environment as soon as possible. Like a disease they spread wrong culture to people around and makes our society a trash. They make our country a bad place to live and bring bad name to our country. These are the idiots who spit saliva and pan masala in the streets, drink alcohol and smoke in social places.  With more stringent rules, these idiots can be eliminated.

Money Diggers
I wonder if there exist a street without pot holes in a country like ours. Different departments divides the year for their digging activity and makes sure that roads stays in bad condition all 365 days. But has the Government not allocated money to lay down the road once it is digged?? I realized that they are not actually just digging the roads but in fact digging the people’s tax money. I wish to see a pot hole free roads in INDIA someday.

White Collared Beggars
I feel ashamed and sorry to include them in my list of idiots but I am left with no option. They are not the people who beg for their living at the traffic signals. They are the ones who are meant to serve people by keeping a check on other idiots. But instead they are always a nuisance to normal day to day commuters. They catch innocent commuters and beg in groups at the end of the month by threatening them with irrelevant accusation. I hope I need not mention their name. Someday I hope to see INDIA without these beggars.

This is just a basic list of idiots I felt worth mentioning here. Also please not that the objective of this writing is not to accuse an entire group of people but only to pin point those in the group who were a mess to the society. Apart from these idiots, there are numerous other hidden idiots in the streets who were a nuisance to people and commuters in everyday life. Hence it is our responsibility to stay away from these idiots as much as possible and live a safer life.

Think !!! Decide !!! Think Different !!!

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